About Us

Hello Beauty Lovers!

Meet the Gazes! Where you can find ingredients for each product easily. Ingredients you want to avoid or those that are right for your skin care goals and preferences. Don't Worry about which product to buy again!

1. User-generated product ratings
The main function of the GAZE application is the analysis of cosmetic ingredients and user reviews. You can learn more about the cosmetics you want to buy through ingredients and reviews. You can also find out which cosmetics are popular through the rating function generated by user reviews at a glance.

2. Real Reviews!
You can see REAL reviews made with 100% User reviews to help you choose the product according to your skin's needs and also can check ingredients and reviews of cosmetic products before buying! (Gaze informs that comments defaming others, containing advertisements or profanity will be removed without notice.)

3. Meet various EVENTS
Gaze has a new event event every 2 WEEKS! It's easy to participate, so don't miss out and come across some great products.

4. 100% Ready for Feedbacks
Gaze wants to grow together through communication with all users! So that everyone can find the beauty of his own life. The Gaze Team will do their best to create and help each other's Beauty life be with you today and beyond!